Une Promenade

'Une Promenade' was originally painted for an exhibition that was canceled due to the lockdown in Kuwait that started in March 2020. It was also sold to a collector before it was even completed, indicating a thriving interest in art even though the world is going through a pandemic.

This painting done in Acrylics and Pen is a beginning of a new series that will tackle women representation and empowerment in isolation. My goal is to translate my women figure sketches to canvas that will retain the resonance of a drawing. Light strokes and minimal palettes are nothing new to those how are more familiar with my work. Also, women in isolation had always been represented in my art-- even before the world went into lockdown. But I hope the subject of isolation will probably resonate a little more deeply now that everyone knows how it feels to be in it in a more glaring and literal sense.

Stay tuned for the new series!

*If you are interested in work like this, please email me.

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