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Why am I vegan?

When I made the decision that I wanted to become a professional artist, the more conscious I became of the environment and what I was eating. It was an easy choice as I could not see the difference between a baby cow and a cat. However, it was hard to implement, as food is an addiction. But I made the slow transition from pescatarian to vegetarian to finally being vegan. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us from the illegal and legal wildlife trade, as well as the bush fires that devastated the Amazon and Australia, it starts to make more and more sense that what we are doing to our planet and the animals that are being slaughtered and fished out of existence, has to come to an end. From all the experts on the environment, scientists and doctors: the general census is to switch to a plant-based diet to save the planet, to save the animals, and to save ourselves. Choose veganism, choose compassion. #vegan #COVID19 #mercyforanimals #savetheplanet #plantbased #choosecompassion #veganism #saveourplanet

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