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Zena Dabbous is a  Lebanese-Canadian visual artist that has polarized styles in her paintings, drawings, and mural work---from conceptual abstract figures in acrylics and mixed media, to abstract realism portraits in oil paint.  Her multi-cultural and eclectic upbringing brings a novel and conceptual perspective to her artwork. Women representation is very important to her creations. 

Zena has exhibited, sold work, and has the Artist Recognition icon on SaatchiArt online. She has done mural artwork in well-known establishments in Kuwait like Bloomingdales ME in 360 Mall, and Crystal Towers. She has also collaborated in an important mural collaboration project for the US Embassy that is indefinitely exhibited at Kuwait's Museum of Modern Art. Additionally, she featured in local newspapers and had a featured Interview published at 123ART Magazine-online art magazine based in New York.


As a self-taught artist, I believe in the journey of self discovery through art,  as well as emphasizing conceptualization. Creativity starts with an idea, and that should be the most important factor. 

By mixing realism and abstract in portraits, and minimalism and conceptualism in my figurative work, these discrepant styles can be viewed as a projection of my character and experiences. Women represented with limited colour pallets and minimal detail are common themes to my work.



Visual Artist+HOD F.A Department at LAPA/Loyac  Kuwait

-June: featured  in 365  ArtPlus Magazine 

-June:Exhibited and SOLD Anonymous X and Y mixed media on canvas  at ABOLISH article 153 at Boushihri Gallery Kuwait 

-June: SOLD: Ziad oil painting on canvas on SAATCHIART online gallery 


-December: Mural Painting FAD event LAPA Kuwait 

-June: Exhibited at Miuzium NFT Gallery

-May: SOLD 2 commissioned paintings--Acrylics+Pastels on canvas

-April: Live Interview with KTV2 

-March: Exhibiting a SOLD Mural at the Museum of Modern Art


-January: Exhibiting at Artsper Virtual Gallery: Paris, France. 


 -December: Exhibiting at Singular Art Virtual Gallery: Paris, France.

-November: SOLD Portable Mural--Acrylics+Pastels on canvas

-September: Exhibiting at NNF Agency Online Virtual Exhibition 

-August: Exhibiting select artworks at TRICERA Online International Art Gallery bases in Japan

-April: SOLD: Somewhere--Acrylics on canvas

-March: SOLD: Fields of Dandelions--Acrylics+Pastels on canvas 

-January: Featured at Kuwait Times

-January: Featured at Arab Times 

-January: SOLD Beginnings--Acrylics+Pastels on canvas

-January: SOLD Untitled--Acrylics+Pastels on canvas

-January: SOLD Them Lemons #3--Drawing on paper


-November: Featured Interview published at 123ART Magazine-online art magazine based in New York

-October: SOLD Fields of Blue--Acrylic+Pastels on canvas

-September-December: Curator at pop-up CAN Creative Art Nest virtual online gallery

-September: SOLD--Solitude--Acrylic+Pen on canvas

-September: SOLD Les Vagues--Acrylic on canvas

-August: SOLD Playful--Drawing on paper at Rise-up Beirut Virtual Art Exhibition 

-August: Curated and  Exhibited at LAPA/LOYAC Lebanon/Kuwait  Rise-up Beirut Virtual Art Exhibition @riseupbeirut_art 

-July: SOLD Hope--Acrylic+pen on canvas

-July: SOLD Them Lemons series #1 #2-Acrylic+pen on canvas

-July: SOLD Nowhere series #2 #3 Acrylic+pen on canvas

-June: SOLD Poise--Drawing on Canvas

-June: SOLD Freedom series #1 #2 #3--Watercolour+Gold leaf on Canvas

- May: Freelance Artist+Managing Fine Art Department at LAPA

- May: SOLD Une Promenade--Acrylic+Pen on paper 

- May: SOLD Une Promenade--Acrylic+pen on canvas

- May: SOLD Them Lemons #2--Drawing on Paper

- May: SOLD Them Lemons series #1 #2--Drawing on Paper

- May: Commissioned Project for a private collector 

- May: SOLD Nowhere series #1--Acrylic on Canvas

- April: SOLD Perfusion--Oil and gold leaf on Canvas 

- April: SOLD Lady in Ice--Acrylic +Pastels on Canvas 

- April: SOLD A Chance--Drawing on Paper 

- March: Commissioned Project for a private collector  

- March: SOLD Chaos--Drawing on Paper 


- Senior Artist at ArtSpace Studio/Gallery 

- December-June 2020: exhibited +SOLD 3 paintings at Caffeine Cafe-Kuwait

- October: ARTIST RECOGNITION at SAATCHIART online Gallery-featured in a collection

- September: SOLD Figures --Abstract Acrylics on Wood at ARTSPACE Gallery

- August: SOLD: Fragments of the Past--digital+mixed media+oil paint on canvas at SAATCHIART online  Gallery 

- February : Exhibited 2 works at JAZEERA AIRWAYS: Kuwait: Was on display at Terminal 5

- February: BLOOMINGDALES Mural Project for Kuwait National day at 360 mall


- Senior Artist at Artspace Studio/Gallery

- April-May: Artwork for JUNA's restaurant's food labels 

- September: Mural Project for Artspace Studio/Gallery 

- February: SOLD: Lines-- Mixed Media on Canvas at ARTSPACE Gallery



- December: Mural Project for CRYSTAL TOWERS Kuwait  

- September: Manager at ArtSpace Studio/Gallery

- May: Assistant Manager at ArtSpace Studio/Gallery

- April 10: Exhibited at Artspace Studio/Gallery for the INK & Paint event 



- September 21: Exhibited at the CENTER OF THE ARTS Studio/Gallery hosted by LambahCo.

- September 4: Started working as a Senior Artist at ARTSPACE Studio/Gallery

- April 19: Featured artist in ARTSHOT Magazine (Kuwait) 3rd edition Spring 
- April: SOLD: Legend--one of the tricolour collection: bronze) at SAATCHIART online Gallery 



- August 8: FEATURED ARTIST at ART-LOUNGE Gallery Kuwait from August
- February: SOLD: She is Lebanon-Pastel Portrait on SAATCHIART online Gallery


- January 21: DAR AL FUNOON Gallery-Young Artists Group Exhibition Kuwait 
- SOLD: Perfusion-Oil on Canvas Landscape/Abstract at DAR AL FUNOON Gallery
- SOLD: Legend-Pastel Portrait on paper at DAR AL FUNOON Gallery

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