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Fields of Blue

As an Artist you are constantly fluctuating between feeling confidence in your talent to a crippling insecurity of the utter hopelessness of it all. I take comfort in the fact that my creations are manifestations of this pendulum of emotions, and that I can take solace in my pencils and brushes as a catharsis of ones inner demons.

Perhaps this is the reason why my recent works like FIELDS of BlUE have the sense of optimism and loneliness at the same time--where the blue flowers look wilted but are blooming among an empty field in the middle of anywhere.

I used chalk pastels over acrylic paint to enhance the blue tones and the texture of the flowers. Gold and yellow ochre have become my staple colours that are used in almost all of my paintings.

The Artwork has recently been SOLD.

*If you are interested in work like this, please email me.

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