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Try Something Bold

Painting in front of an audience is never something I look forward to, but when an inspiring lady named Farreah Al Saqqaf asked me to do a live painting for a special event dear to her heart named "Khair Everywhere", I had to accept and push myself out of my comfort zone.

This event was an exhibition and fashion show organized by LAPA and in cooperation by LOYAC Kuwait. It was an initiative to support Arab women in countries that suffer from wars and major challenges. I took a look at the designs by a young Yemeni designer, Nadeen Dada’a, where her collection was launched at the event. I was immediately attracted to one of the "Bisht" pieces that inspired this mural painting and colour pallet. To those of you who do not know what a 'Bisht" is, it's an Arabic robe worn by both women and men where the young designer gave it a more modern and fashionable twist to what is usually a traditional wear.

I had a blast doing this piece, where I just went with the flow and did not overthink the final touches of the painting. I zoned out the audience and just focused on the music that was playing.

I am also happy to say that the piece was sold to a collector who beelined to me as I was painting it and asked if it was up for sale.

Be bold, and do something that is out of your comfort zone! It will make you grow as an artist and create unique pieces that you would not have otherwise thought you were capable of doing. #Lapa #LOYAC #Kuwait #fashionshow #Khaireverywhere #mural #muralpainting #painting #women #womenempowerment #figuredrawing #gesturedrawing #fashion #Arabwomen #Arabdesigners #Yemen #Lebanon #Palestine #Syria

*If you are interested in work like this, please email me.

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