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Fields of Dandelion

It has been many months since I posted a new blog, and so with this painting and this spring, I wanted to show the hope that nature can bring into our lives; whether through art or walking into a garden. I was always inspired by Monet with his gorgeous landscapes and I definitely channeled his work in this piece.

Fields of Dandelion was part of a very big commissioned project that has finally been completed. It took me a full year to finish the project and I am saddened and happy at the same time that so many, including this piece, are gone to a new home.

The painting is a mix of acrylic paint and chalk pastels. If you have seen my work before, then you must be familiar with this colour pallet by now. And if you are new to my work, shades of yellows and blues are my staple pallet.

Dandelions are also my favourite wild flower. There is always something sad but hopeful whenever I see a field of dandelions. My feelings towards this type of flower is reflected in my painting where you feel a sense of sadness yet hopeful at the same time.

If you would like to commission a painting similar to Fields of Dandelions, please contact me at #dandelion #nature #wildflowers #hope #nature #gold #yellow #blue #abstract #landscape #monet #fieldsofflowers #art #artgallery #acrylicpainting #pastelpainting #creative #artist #kuwait

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