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Gustav Klimt inspired mural

This is the mural that is also shown on my website's homepage, and I thought I should tell a brief backstory to what inspired this mural at the old ArtSpace Studio back in 2018. The project was for a local Gym for only women and they wanted murals that empowered women as well as showing their strength in different types of sport. Many applicants applied, but it were my designs that were approved. However, the project did not come to fruition for budget reasons. So my team wanted me to paint one of my designs on the studio wall, without the twist of women in sports. Since Gustav Klimt is my favourite deceased artist, I chose the limited pallet of gold, black and white with his famous patterns in the background. I left the figures be drawn in my new-found conceptual style of gesture drawing, while mixing fashion and women empowerment. Do not let projects that do not come to fruition be tossed into the garbage. It's mainly from projects that you find a new and innovative way to grow and change as an artist.

*If you are interested in mural work like this, please email me.

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