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The story behind Charlie

Charlie is probably one of the most loved oil paintings that I have ever done. People constantly tell me how much they love this painting, but seldom know what inspired it. My dad passed away in 2016, when I had just started my art career. I was shocked and devastated. I started to form an idea to dedicate an unforeseen solo exhibition in his honour, which I am to this day still working on. For without my dad's influence on introducing me to the Arts of dance, music, comedies and movies--I would not be the artist that I am today. Charlie Chaplin is one of the comedians my dad absolutely loved and he made me watch his movies as a young girl. Capturing Charlie's expression, which also reminded me of my dad's goofy face when he wanted to make me laugh, was essential. This portrait is what catapulted my style of oil painting with a minimal palette and building on layers. I love you Dad, and I miss you.

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