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Why Gesture Drawing?

"Why do you keep your figure paintings as a gesture drawing"? One of the most asked question I have heard from clients and collectors. My response: "Why not?" This image you see is not a painting but one of my murals I collaborated with colleague Mayyar Aswad for Artspaceq8 Studio in a high-rise building in Kuwait named Crystal Towers for a fashion show event in 2017.

I believe staying true to who you are as an artist is vital, therefore your identity and originality has to remain intact. If I had changed my style to the myriad of other styles of figure drawing that is more popular, then I would have become a slave to the masses.

While most murals get covered up by other events and other artists, these murals in Crystal Towers to this day gets tagged and admired by many and still remain open for public view.

Remain true to yourself and what you create. The rewards maybe not in high monetary means, but in a much more satisfying way--appreciation and admiration to your originality.

*If you are interested in mural work like this, please email me.

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